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Anonymous influence (2008-2009)

arrangement with:  left-over material from the Swedish Design Award’s scene decoration at Berns (site specific)

Exhibited at: skeppsholmen  june 2008- winter 2009

curator: Gabriela Lopez, Svensk Form


Winter 2009


Late Fall 2008

Fall 2008

Visitors as well as locals might be curious about this (cryph-) temporary monument. Could it be made by some American minimalist? or is it some strange remaining from a workshop?

Display started in June 2008.

A popular Skeppsholmen motive, it might be famous, better to have a shot of it. Summer 2008


Variations for 736 Red, Green and Yellow (2001) Chicago


Arrangement with: Modified sound recording; two glossy large photography photographs from a thrift store; two cut pieces of wood; plastic flowers in a bag; green decorative tape; red, green, and yellow paper clips; backsides of three books about american birds for children in red, green, and yellow (called the green book of American birds and so on).

Forced abstraction in the mystical realm of order
What was it that became easier? All information is highly in detail presented, but the key to reading it has been lost, maybe even not existed. The observer is continuously bounded to see the things as themselves, to come back to the piece as a turn, back to ’materia prima’:

”First we bring together then we putrefy, we break down what has been putrifi ed, we purify the divided, we unite the purified and harden it. In this way is One made from man and woman.”
(Büchlein vom Stein der Weisen, 1778)

Sound played:
“Where do you come from?”
The sound source was taken from a recording about how to educate your children in the topic sex from the 40-50’s USA. The sound is heavily edited.

mp3 (7.2 MB)

This piece is dedicated to the Italian composer and poet (messenger to use his own terms) Giacinto Scelsi.

Personal reflections about the piece:
English version pdf >>>>>>
Swedish version pdf >>>>>>

All the times + grejs (2001)

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 6.42.35 PM

mixed medias: photography, slideshow, papers, smell, explanatory text etc.

Exhibited at: Gallery Båstadsgatan fyra, Malmö (2001)

Part H3: Actual persons missing at the WTC disaster (, now offline)
There was 117 portraits in the slideshow combined with words (pain, winner, planetary, double standard, manipulate etc.) translated into Farsi ( 25 different words in Farsi appeared in the slideshow.


Parts and wholes in the history of now
This work was a result of my process with my conceptual piece: Registered times on all digital watches and clocks with numbers I looked at between 11.44.22 AM (07/31 1999) and 1.44 AM (10/05 2000) and the enforcement of power in the WTC catastrophe and the predictable results from it.

The more or less confusing setup was made in three large elements and ten connecting parts. Episodes was interlinked with formal aspects and descriptions in the manual. The attitude was playful and provocating in how the relation between the parts was oriented in the manual. It was using a descriptive language, but ends up in the visitor’s choice of relevance.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 6.43.04 PM


The manual of an explanation
This text was written in about the same manner as in my piece “Party for the rabbit”. Describing carefully every item in the setup and making conncetions. The motivation is to try for the visitor to come closer to the pretty abstract topics that one usually tries to glance through since they are of a quite non-physical character.

“Manual” English pdf >>>>>>>
“Manual” Swedish pdf >>>>>>


outside view, Gallery Båstadsgatan

Part H1: Large sheets of times wiht paper notes

Part H2: photographs with damages from flight

Part H3: slideshow with symbolic arrangement

Some related works:
Registered times on all digital watches and clocks with numbers I looked at between 11.44.22 AM (07/31 1999) and 1.44 AM (10/05 2000) Chronological and sorted  (2000)

Variations for 736, Red Green and Yellow (2001)

Studies for Wm. Caxton’s fest 1484 (2001)

Party for the Rabbit (2000)

Studies for Wm Caxton’s feast 1484 (2001)


Placed at the Lecture Hall/UIC Alumni Hall, South Peoria St. 400, Chicago 22th February 2001

Installation with: 
A lots of chairs, a dark room with two pillars, a red oil lamp, a red wrapping band, two fake serving dishes with Mc Gormicks vanilla extract on them, two pedestals, one sculpture of plastic foam, one overhead projector with a green color projection on the wall, some percussion instruments as a triangle, cowbell and a chime, performance with those instruments, a fast showing of a picture of a drawing from a medieval cookbook with the overhead projection

Dokumentation/reflections english pdf >>>>>
Dokumentation/reflections swedish pdf >>>>>

Registered times on all digital watches and clocks with numbers I looked at between 11.44.22 AM (07/31 1999) and 1.44 AM (10/05 2000) Chronological and sorted (2000)

view from Room B11, UIC,Chicago

two 26 x 32 ” black and white Xerox copies
black paper binders
often arranged with digital clocks and a wood box with texts

exhibited at:
Chicago, UIC/Wood Street Gallery (2000/2001)
Stockholm Konstakademien (2003)

“I only use numbers because it is a way of writing without describing… I choose numbers because they are so steady, limited, artificial. The only thing that has ever been created is the number. A number of something (two chairs or whatever) is some-thing else. It’s not pure number, and has other meanings. Hanne Darboven in L. Lippard”
Hanne Darboven: Deep in Numbers, “Artforum XII/2 (October 1973): 35-36.

a typical digital clock display with numbers

Performance with time
This type of conceptual work, was the offspring of several months of hard work and attention into register clock numbers on small papers fragments available. The work itself was tested in a smaller version (Double Sequence), but even though that version seemed to establish some sense of energetic physicality and concentration I needed a larger amount of data and psychological performance time. The hardcore attitude for this work was also more interesting than physical attributes which was with the Double Sequence. The period of registration ended after 1 year and 2 months. I ended it not after one year, but with 2 months extra, since the piece was not about the year itself but about the causality in the numbers. The last 4 months was really hard since its was difficult to do other things at the same time, it even made it difficult to act normal in social situations.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 7.29.17 PMdetail of the xerox document with numbers (ordered)

Researching the super conscious
During the registration period of the data, it became quite clear that the motivation and orientation of the piece itself was for my interests in causal levels of the mind and consciousness. As our body and mind are expanding out in the world, the limit were we can say that our interference with the world is bound to a limit seemed to be old-fashioned and static. Because of the experience I had with the rhythm and coordination of my body and consciousness in time I could not escape the character of something extraordinary subtle and powerful that was configuring every moment in time as the days and actions went on. I couldn’t describe it better than something that connects to the exterior world and the self in a more pristine way, something that one would call a causal realm of super consciousness.

Presentation of the data
The two sheets present the same numbers, but they have different order. One is chronologically and the other one is sorted. The clock numbers are registered for the most part in European 24 hour time. Others appear in American format, but since I was interested in the data more than the narrative part of it, I sorted those among the 24 clock times in terms of my interest in them as raw numbers. The presentation was directed towards a typical office look: Times New Roman font face, ordinary clips and Xerox copies.

Philosophical orientation and theoretical implications
With this piece I wrote a short philosophical text. The orientation in the text was dealing with cause and effect, the meaning of the number and the super consciousness. The text was some sort of first orientation toward some of the implication of the registration-performance and the self relating to the data.

with images added afterwards from the B11 installation pdf  >>>>>>>>
with images added afterwards from the Wood street Gallery pdf >>>>>>>

html version >>> 

view from Room B11, UIC,Chicago

view from Wood Street Gallery, Chicago