Two catalogs but still one

Today I received the catalogs from the project Sixth Sense initiated by the Swedish Church.

Sixth Sense, initiated by the Swedish Church invited 24 artists to do site-specific art works in 23 churches. So one artist for every church. Exhibit scedule 17 May – 2 September

More info here about my project Best in Show in Norrby Church, Sala

I was amazed they actually did a separate edition in English instead of a bilingual one. The interesting was that the churches were presented also in combination with the artists in this catalog. The overall impression was that the catalog both maintains the easy art reader (not for SITE addicts) but at the same time an interested audience for the history in their area will get some glimpses of the churches in the diocese of Västerås.
I got some copies to sell in English or Swedish, give me a hint of what you like to buy them for.

Photo: Tomas Nygren