All the Times… (2003)

Installation with:
Paper with numbers from the art piece “Registered numbers..”, English and Arabic translation
Papers with text from the art piece “Registered numbers..”, English and Arabic translation
Paper binders
Chairs and tables with cloths
Notebooks and pens
LED Alarm clocks
Red colours

exhibited at: Blunk Gallery, Trondheim, 2003


This piece contains an art piece I did in year 2000, “Registered numbers..”. In 2001 I showed this piece within in a show called: “All the Times.. + grejs”. The show was connecting the numbers with the present global political climate and frustration for the violence of our time, the time it was shown the US bombing was as its peak in Afghanistan after the WTC terror attack.
This show has similar connections to this connection in the way of linking the numbers into the social and cultural spheres. I fond it a splendid opportunity for again getting back to the core of numbers. Our Arabic number system is something we do have in a straight way common with cultures of the middle east, and mostly people tend to forget about it. Through the blindness of our present consciousness the number could open some way of grasping higher realities and meanings.

Info sheets at the exhibit
English, pdf >>>>>>>>>
Arabic, pdf >>>>>>>>>>

The Blunk crew in a reading session prepared with candy.

Wall with the sheets and the time notes hanging from the ceiling.

The red corner with a LCD clock and a bunch of time notes.