Orion (2004) Västerås

two part sound, video and photo installation

Part 1 elements: 5.1 channel sound composition, 2 video projections.
The multi-channel composition was realised at EMS, Stockholm, 2003.

Part 2 elements: Recorded sounds from ice, five light box printed photographs, steel wire, psalm books, lamps.

shown at the Perspectives 2004, festival for creative music, Västerås, 21-24 October 2004


Lychopodium_Orion2006stillCvideo stills from part 1.


PART 1 Location: Culturen, Västerås, Box 2

PART 2 Location: Västerås Cathedral




orion_ka_vas2installation view, Västerås Cathedral

The work originated from photographic materials taken at several ice covered creeks in Stockholm during the years 1995-1997.

The cosmology in the shape of the ice, and the method of photographing the segments were some of the starting-points.

The piece includes sounds from recorded ice, a sound composition, and video footage from sound affecting a fine powder on a black screen.

Exhibition info sheets:
Part 1 pdf English >>>>>>>
Part 1 pdf Swedish >>>>>>>>>

Part 2 pdf English >>>>>>>>
Part 2 pdf Swedish >>>>>>>>>