Episode #2 of Archived Audio Documents: Studies of a Prepared Piano #1, Salsbro (1995)

In 1995 I was spending a half year lonely on the countryside. A left over house from my grandma with lots of the original 40’s furniture, and a piano out of tune.

Heavily inspired by Stockhausen, Zen, John Cage, Morton Feldman and Jazz, I studied the timbre and spatial-ness of the sounds from this old piano. All recorded by lo-fi equipment as a old reel Tandberg (with valves) and a microphone made for signing. Some strings in the piano were also prepared.

At his house we spent many summer holidays, maybe the best summer experiences in my childhood.

This is the first episode of the total 3 tracks recorded from these sessions.

Still Life from the House in Salsbro

Morning in the garden, Salsbro, 1995. Photo: Tomas Nygren

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